Hi Bubu Family!  Thank you so much for tuning in! This is Shannon coming in hot off our trip from Morocco and I'm so excited to share our experience with all of you!

Two weeks ago my honey and I set off on an adventure to Morocco.  We were invited by his Royal Highness, Prince Moulay Rachid.  Kevin being very into golf the Prince invited Kevin to play a PRO-AM the first two days and then followed by watching the Hassan II Golf Trophy-Royal, a stop for the European Pro Tour.  The newly re-done golf course was not only incredibly beautiful but very difficult.  

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived in Rabat, the capitol, where we stayed the majority of the trip.  To our surprise this is the view we flew in to...

Beautiful coastlines, teal water and much more greenery then we imagined.  You would be surprised at how similar the types of trees and plants are to California.  They have eucapliptis  trees, pansies, petunias, monkey flowers (my fav), olive trees and many more.  Lush farmland with lots of sheep and cow.  

First stop: the beach AND the Medina for shopping, of course!

The streets were unbelievably clean (I mean seriously you could eat off of them! Cleaner then any street in LA by far.) 

And lets not fail to mention the friendliness of the people...

Everywhere we went the Moroccan people were warm and sweet and much more open-minded then we expected.  In Rabat you can walk a few blocks and pass a Mosque that will be right around the corner from a Jewish Temple that is next door to a Catholic Church.  Everywhere we went we felt safe and welcome.  

And then there is the food- for you meat lovers or vegetarians the Moroccans have you covered.  I thought for sure I would loose weight on this trip- oh boy how I was wrong!  The only thing I would steer clear of is the water.  Don't brush your teeth or drink the tap water.  Take my advise, DON'T DO IT!  (Unless you have the time to stay by the toilet for a day or two) Yeah, no thanks! 

Have you ever heard of the ancient city of Fez?  I hadn't.  We almost skipped the group tour from Rabat to Fez and changed our minds last minute, boy we are sure glad we did!  Fez was founded between the 8th-9th century.  The Medina in Fez is listed as a World Heritage Site and as one of the worlds largest urban pedestrian areas (car free zones).  The city has been called the "Mecca of the West" and the "Athens of Africa".  If you make it to Fez, I highly recommend you see some of the ancient tanneries and treat yourself to a suede shawl or leather jacket.  BUT- don't forget to bargain, the Moroccans love the act of bargaining (as so do I) and it creates more of a connection and much more room for conversation.  If you are in fashion those connections are everything if you ever want to export or manufacture in Morocco.  Check out the large tannery we went to in Fez

By the way, when you enter the tannery and they hand you the mint- TAKE THE DAMN MINT AND DON'T FORGET TO SMASH IT UP!!! Unless that is you like the smell of dead and rotten animals ;)  

In Fez the hotels are very reasonable.  $40 a night for a 3 star to $150 a night for a 5 star.  Check out the view from where we stayed, just incredible to overlook such an ancient city!

Overall this trip was life changing.  We made so many wonderful friends that we will definitely be seeing back in Morocco or in the US soon.  We were treated like royalty by royalty, who would have thought?! 

To everyone who made this trip possible for us, a huge thank you!





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