Bubululu X The Daily Daisy

Here at Bubululu Malibu we LOVE creative collaboration.  Last month we collaborated with the very talented Hannah Segnit, owner of The Daily Daisy. Hannah adorned an old lifeguard tower with gorgeous flowers as well as a driftwood teepee.  Check out the photos and video of our Bubululu models Sam Neider and Alex Harris wearing new Bubu.  Some of the photos were taken by Hannah herself and some by photographer Bruce Klumph.  

This a bio about Hannah and The Daily Daisy.

The Daily Daisy was created in June of 2016 by Florida native and Malibu, CA resident Hannah Segnitz. The Daily Daisy is about creating something beautiful that brings a smile to people's faces and it could be as simple as a single Daisy in a recycled beer bottle bud vase. Hannah was diagnosed with Lupus in 2012, which greatly influenced her in pursuing her dream to start her own flower business. Her goal is to design and deliver beautiful, unique and organically formed flower creations for your homes, businesses, and your special events. She looks at floral design as an art form and each flower is a unique piece that is highlighted by the rest within the arrangement. As a surfer and a nature lover her designs are influenced by the water and land around us and may even contain some locally foraged Malibu foliage. As she grows her business her goal is to donate a percentage of all sales to the Lupus Research Foundation.


Check out the video link below by talented Pete at Ridge Production.  





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