Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bubululu Malibu is so excited to be up on!!! Please take a look at the link below and check out the new 2012 Native Spirit Collection by Bubululu.

Once again Bubululu Malibu is so lucky to have made it into the pages of Surfing Magazine 🙂 With my good friend, Brittany Valverde’s boyfriend, Evan Valiere, on the cover and Bubululu Malibu on two different pages- we are so stoked! Thank you Globe Shoes for using Bubululu Kendra Bandeau and Wildlife Bottom in hot pink for your Bantam Board ad and thank you to my bestie- Sophia 🙂 for always being a huge support and fan of Bubululu kinis 🙂 We love you guys! XO Bubululu Girls